New Partners

Thank you for your interest in Trident Electrical Systems Inc.. We are interested in partners who can provide products and services that can be integrated in the services we deliver to clients. If you will complete the following form, we will distribute your information to our offices for their consideration. When a client engagement calls for your type of assistance, our client service staff will contact you for further information about how you can help with that engagement.


Company Name

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Product and Program Overview
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1. What is your company background?

2. What are the key capabilities of your product?

3. What are the unique benefits of your product that
Trident Electrical Systems Inc. offices can offer to their clients?

4. Do you have a developer/channel program?

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4a. If yes, what is the program name and description?

4b. Are you offering any special pricing, incentives or promotions to Trident Electrical Systems Inc. offices?

5. Have you worked with any Trident Electrical Systems Inc. Offices?
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6. Whom should our Offices contact?

7. What type of sales and technical support are available to Trident Electrical Systems Inc. offices?

8. Do you have an education and/or certification program?
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