Where is Trident Electrical Systems Inc. today?

  • Trident Electrical Systems Inc. is leveraging its expertise in the Internet to solve mission critical business challenges of enterprise clients. We do this by finding the best resources within Trident Electrical Systems Inc. across disciplines, who join with client team members to form working teams. By working closely with client team members, we ensure that our strategies and solutions are aligned with client business objectives, priorities, and constraints.

  • Trident Electrical Systems Inc. is raising over $1 million in the next year to invest in the infrastructure, expertise and global reach required to serve as a strategic partner to the full spectrum of enterprises.
What makes Trident Electrical Systems Inc. ?
  • Trident Electrical Systems Inc. integrates horizontal breadth and vertical depth of expertise through pervasive knowledge management systems and internal professional development programs. Methodologies, knowledge, and expertise are developed and evolved to provide superior expertise, advice, and resources to our clients.

  • Trident Electrical Systems Inc. is a strategic Internet services firm that organizes discipline-focused practices - communities of Internet professionals who have become experts in both line-of-business functions such as human resources, marketing, or e-commerce, and vertical industries such as healthcare and financial services.

  • Trident Electrical Systems Inc. has the infrastructure and operational capability to serve global companies across the entire spectrum of their Internet systems and strategies.
Where does Trident Electrical Systems Inc. management team come from?
  • Key members of Trident Electrical Systems Inc. management team include professionals in management and strategy consulting, technology integration, professional services, hardware and software, venture capital, branding and marketing, creative design and interactive media. Companies from which Trident Electrical Systems Inc. senior professionals hail include Tivoli Consulting, General Motors, IBM, as well as some of the top graduate schools in the country such as the University of Michigan, the University of California at Berkeley and Michigan State University.
What is driving Trident Electrical Systems Inc. acquisition program and how is it done?
  • Trident Electrical Systems Inc. acquisition program is engineered to create an integrated professional services firm, by aggregating and organizing top talent. We have researched, evaluated, and intensively scrutinized numerous technical, creative, and consultative services firms focusing on the Internet, and have identified a very short list of firms whose capabilities, talent, vision, and track record match Trident Electrical Systems Inc. strategic plan.

  • At Trident Electrical Systems Inc. we laid carefully a strategic plan to capture industry-leading breadth and depth of expertise in strategy, technology and creative services. The management team has carefully sought expertise across these three core disciplines: