Trident Electrical Systems Inc. is working with dozens of clients to design, develop and deploy effective Internet and Intranet strategies and solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of services, designed to help your company achieve its business objectives:

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Analysis and Design
  • Project Management
  • Intranet, Extranet and Web Site Development, and Technology Integration
  • E-commerce Business Systems
  • Application Development
  • Graphic Design & User Interface
  • Online Marketing & Brand Development
  • Deployment & Hosting
  • Maintenance and Support

Strategy Consulting
Successful Internet and Intranet solutions start with a clear understanding of the client's needs. Trident Electrical Systems Inc. works closely with you to conduct a thorough study of your strategic market position, business requirements and existing systems and capabilities to determine the ways in which Internet solutions can most improve your business processes. We then deliver our recommendations, which define the strategic basis for specific Internet solutions that take into account your budget, timeline and available resources.

Analysis and Design
Once the strategic groundwork has been established, Trident Electrical Systems Inc. translates your strategic requirements into a business plan, system or process design architecture - a blueprint that defines the roles the solution will perform to meet your requirements. By working with Trident Electrical Systems Inc., you receive vendor-neutral solutions prepared by Internet-focused consultants. We research, test and evaluate virtually all major Internet technologies and tools to design system and process architectures in order to successfully meet your needs. Our objective is to design, build and deploy a solution that is logically planned, scales well over time, is sufficiently secure, and is easy to use, administer and manage.

Project Management
Understanding that different clients have different needs, we can provide a dedicated Trident Electrical Systems Inc. project management team that can administer any or all aspects of planning and implementation, including everything from architecture design, programming and graphics to ongoing site marketing or maintenance. The result is a solution delivered on time and on budget, with smooth coordination and management of multiple requirements, components and resources.

Intranet, Extranet and Web Site Development, and Technology Integration
Trident Electrical Systems Inc. can apply a wealth of expertise to your Internet technology requirements -- from object-based and relational SQL database systems and host integration, to custom ActiveX, Java and C++ programming, to implementation of third-party applications and security technologies, to integration of hardware, software and Internet access products. Intranet and Extranet solutions are integrated with your back-office legacy systems to ensure that your critical applications are securely and seamlessly extended into the Internet era. In fact, Trident Electrical Systems Inc.'s consultants and developers across the nation have virtually unmatched expertise across the full range of Internet and networking technologies and services, including:

  • Internet browsers, servers and plug-ins
  • Commerce and transaction systems
  • Security, authentication, & privacy technologies
  • E-mail and advanced collaboration systems
  • Digital asset management systems
  • Client-server and database application systems
  • Mainframe, mini, and legacy integration technologies
  • Advanced user interface and multimedia production
  • All popular tools & languages
  • Site administration and reporting tools
  • Internet marketing systems & services
  • Client, server, and routing hardware
  • Internet access & hosting services

Trident Electrical Systems Inc. puts the latest tools in the hands of our team of experts to give your solution the power it needs to perform its critical business function. We conduct thorough tests of each solution component's reliability, scalability and performance throughout development and implementation. With a strong commitment to quality, our goal is to detect and eliminate problems before your solution is deployed.

E-Commerce Business Systems
Taking advantage of e-commerce goes well beyond simply putting up an online catalog. Successful e-commerce initiatives are well-targeted direct channels of communication and commerce between organizations in a value chain. And our professionals have pioneered systems across the spectrum from consumer product marketing to business-to-business supply chain integration.

Our engineers are familiar with the latest e-commerce software, transaction, and networking systems, and can help you navigate through the complexity, helping to enable you to participate in the greatest business opportunity of the 21st century.

Application Development
Businesses run on business applications, and Trident Electrical Systems Inc. is capable of building, deploying and integrating the most sophisticated applications out there. We've built or integrated solutions to automate virtually any core business function, from sales force automation, to human resources, to finance accounting, to knowledge management, to document workflow.

For the largest enterprises, Trident Electrical Systems Inc. ERP Practice, which offers deep Oracle and SAP R/3 deployment expertise, adds the specialization of seamlessly connecting these vital enterprise applications to Intranets, Extranets, and e-commerce Web sites.

Graphic Design & User Interface
A Web site seen by your customers must have a compelling "look and feel" and user experience that engages visitors and makes a lasting impact. Our award-winning professional designers give your site the power to attract and to hold the attention of your target audience, while conforming to your brand image and integrating with your marketing campaigns. Regardless of size or complexity, we can design a Web site or Intranet that precisely fits your needs.

Online Marketing & Brand Development
Trident Electrical Systems Inc. develops strategies for marketing and promoting your site to targeted Internet audiences based on your objectives for building brand awareness, acquiring leads or conducting electronic transactions. Our audience development and promotion methodology delivers integrated programs to drive traffic to your site using search engines and directories, strategic links with other Web sites, online promotions, as well as creation and placement of online Web advertising campaigns.

Deployment & Hosting
When your Web site or Intranet is ready to run, Trident Electrical Systems Inc. is ready with the skills and expertise to ensure problem-free implementation. Take advantage of Trident Electrical Systems Inc.'s highly reliable and cost-effective advanced hosting services, which offer you state-of-the-art, high-availability Web site and secure Intranet and Extranet hosting. Trident Electrical Systems Inc. can also work with you to deploy your solution on your existing infrastructure. We can assist in everything from capacity planning to selecting and configuring your servers to implementation strategy and support.

Maintenance and Support
As part of a comprehensive, end-to-end solution, Trident Electrical Systems Inc. can provide ongoing support services for your Internet systems, from content maintenance to site security administration. Our highly trained technical staff is ready to assist you in resolving technical problems.