Sales & Marketing

Automating Key Sales and Marketing Processes

Challenges Facing Internal Sales and Marketing Efforts

In an effort to effectively communicate, compete and increase revenues, sales and marketing departments face a number of challenges including:

  • Gathering and distributing qualified sales leads in a timely manner.
  • Accelerating key business processes including placing orders, distributing information and managing time-critical projects.
  • Managing multiple, interdependent projects and keeping the sales staff informed of key marketing programs and new pricing strategies.
  • Keeping vendor and partners appraised of changing information on products, inventory, services and other critical information.
  • Keeping up to date on competitive information
  • Collecting and consolidating sales forecasting and performance data.

The Opportunity

Today's marketplace puts more pressure than ever on companies to research, create and distribute their products and services to a broader audience more quickly. To meet the challenges of this demanding marketplace, businesses must find innovative ways to work more efficiently and increase their productivity while at the same time control costs.

Marketing teams are challenged to cut time to market cycles and increase quality and communication while keeping costs down. They depend heavily on easy access to a broad library of market, product and pricing information which, in many cases, are spread across diverse platforms, teams and geographic locations. In addition to the need for a high level of communication between the sales and marketing groups, there is also a need for communication with other functional groups throughout the organization. For example, managers need real-time access to sales forecasts and sales performance data. Marketing and sales managers need access to corporate data, such as manufacturing forecasts and cost of goods. The sales force needs immediate access to time-critical sales leads. An effectively designed Intranet can open up new roads to achieve these goals.

The Intranet Solution

An Intranet is an ideal way to leverage your existing computer infrastructure and automate virtually any business process that involves dynamic information exchange. With an Intranet, businesses can consolidate data from many sources, plus allow people in the company to communicate and collaborate in real time. Sales and marketing groups can take advantage of an Intranet to enable the centralized publishing of product, service and marketing information. An Intranet also provides quick but controlled access to relevant company databases that contain product data, sales forecasts, performance figures and the customer information knowledge base. As a result, marketing and sales personnel can collaborate more effectively and have immediate access to the information they need. The end result is higher productivity, reduced costs, and ultimately more success for the company.

Sales and Marketing Applications


Product demos and scripts
Allow sales force to download product demonstration scripts and sales presentations.
  • Much faster and less expensive than traditional paper-based presentation materials.
  • Ensures inclusion of latest features.

Product information
Provides a central repository for employees, customers and business partners to access information such as product availability, price lists, catalogs, brochures, data sheets and specifications.
  • Allows immediate access to information.
  • Speeds the distribution of timely data.
  • Sales representatives can obtain delivery commitment information quickly.

Sales forecasts and reports
Sales management disseminates sales goals and performance data over the Intranet. The field sales force has access to the most recent sales and quota information.
  • Enhances communications among field sales, regional sales and headquarters.
  • Gives management better tools for tracking sales performance.
  • More effective production scheduling.

Sales contact management
Use a Web-based database to centralize a single sales contact management system that sales reps and business partners can leverage.
  • Provides a central database accessible anywhere, anytime, by remote sales force.
  • More consistent, timely and accurate tracking system for customer prospect information.

Sales lead management
Use e-mail or other groupware applications to distribute sales leads to appropriate sales staff and channel partners.
  • Ensures timely collection and distribution of leads to maintain their maximum effectiveness.
  • Faster follow-up to maximize close rate.

Market research
Researchers access the Internet to locate market information such as industry trends and competitive products. New information can be published on an internal Web site.
  • Instant access to a wealth of Internet data improves product planning, marketing strategy development and product pricing.
  • Provides a central source of critical information, changing customer requirements and market data.

Solicit input from field personnel
Distribute questionnaires using e-mail or Web site to gather valuable feedback on products, services and marketing campaigns.
  • Ensures that products and services meet the needs of the market.
  • Helps tune marketing programs for maximum effectiveness.

Press releases
Publish press releases and company announcements internally and externally.
  • Faster corporate communications.
  • Can be archived for historical purposes.

Sales team collaboration
Establish newsgroups, online conferences and sessions for geographically dispersed sales teams.
  • Increases sales by enabling representatives to coordinate activities for national and multi-national accounts.

Sales Training
Provide online training for products, services, industry trends, competition and sales skills for field sales personnel.
  • Improves skills and knowledge of sales force in a cost-effective and timely manner.
  • Provides centralized repository for easy access by new employees.

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